Photography Credits

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Here you'll find thumbnails for every photo used on the site, identified by the photographer who took it. A link to their online gallery is provided if you'd like to check out more of their work.

William J. Kemp

Bill is a former Naval Photographer and Disney Producer who sees his role as a problem solver for any digital imaging challenge. His vision and creativity have secured him many awards, including both Grand Awards and Gold Medals at the New York News Reel and Film Festival.
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Greg Gorman

Greg's work documents the obsession of 20th century celebrity. A master of the human form, he is often imitated, but never surpassed.
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Nasa Archives
Mission Gemini
Ed White
June 3, 1965.
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George DeWolfe

George's passions are teaching visual and digital photography skills and photographing the mysteries of the world. He combines the structure of ancient Chinese landscape painting with the structure of Western landscape genres to achieve his mysterious style.
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